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Action Figure Protector

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Funko pop figures are a must-have if you are an avid action figure collector. A 4-inch tall vinyl figure with exaggerated facial features looks so cute standing tall on the shelf. If you are a collector, it’s your job to protect your action figures as well! Wondering how? Read on to find answers!

All you need is Protectors for your action figures. These protectors made from PET plastic are designed to increase your figurines' shelf line and make them look as good as new.

Increase the Life Of Your Action Figures

A premium plastic packaging would do the work! Get a funko pop protector case depending on the size of your figurine. Some protectors allow you to place the character in the case without even opening the original packaging. The purpose is to display the toys without hindering their appearance.

Placing the character inside the protector is easy. Take off the lid and place it gently. Make sure you hold the bottom of the protector while placing it to prevent it from fading away.

A Protective Cover Your Collection Deserves

These figurine protectors are long-lasting, and they ensure your characters stay in mint condition, letting you can display your characters in class. The case has a tight fit to ensure the figurines don’t move or fall when placed inside the box. The protector is light and portable. You can easily take your favorite figurine with you when traveling and keep them protected from scratches. Also, the plastic is transparent so you can read the label as well as see the action figure while it’s inside the box.

Without a doubt, these protectors are a great investment for any Funko pop fan who has many characters in their collection and adores them deeply. Your collection will always remain as good as new.


Link to collection: Action Figure & Figurine Protectors