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Complete Pixel Art Bead

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Do you have kids at home who are into crafting? If so, they are going to enjoy pixel bead art! It’s an adventure kit that includes 13000 beads and you have to complete a pattern based on the story.

The purpose of this kit is to keep the kids engaged and have fun. Let’s have look at the features of this great pixel beads art adventure kit:

It’s a complete package

In case you are wondering, this kit has everything your child needs to stay engaged and have fun. It comes with bead masterpieces, 13000 beads, 4 pegboards, two ironing sheets, pliers, ties, keychain rings, specialty patterns, and of course an instruction guide.

Colorful beads

The kids who are into craft sure love color and they won’t be disappointed by what’s inside this wonderful kit. Over 13000 beads are available in a variety of colors. Let your child play with colors and come up with their own customized creation.

Fun and easy to create

Along with Perler beads, the kit includes tools and accessories so that your child can be as creative as they want to be and design different things. They will be proud of their little creations.

An opportunity to reduce screen time

If you were worried that your child spends too much time on screen, then this kit will help them have fun without a smartphone or gadget. This kit is a complete activity box. Once your child starts playing, they might not want to do anything else.

Get this complete fuse bead set for sale on your child’s birthday. It’s a perfect gift for kids who love video games because the kit is inspired by characters such as Mario. Consider this an affordable way to allow your child to head on an adventure without getting involved with technology. They will have fun too.


Link to product:  PIXEL 2 ART PERLER BEAD ADVENTURE KIT 13000 beads in 29 bright and vivid colors