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Funko Pop 4 Inch Protector Blood 0.40MM.

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Ourunique Funko Pop protector is an immaculately designed product. They fit all Funko Pops with standard 4” size. Dimensions of Funko Pop 4 inch protector blood 0.4mm are 11.8 x 9.2 x 16.2 cm. It keeps your Funko Pop safe and displays its true beauty for everyone to see. Funko Pop protector with blood stain is one of the best ways to protect your collection while displaying them with style. Some of the features of ourfor sale Funko Pop bloodprotector are discussed below.

Protection against falls and knocks

You no longer have to worry about kids running around and damaging your Funko Pop. They are designed in such a way that the base of the box remains stable. It automatically locks the protector at the bottom, protecting your Funko Pop against falls and knocks, therefore keeping your mind at peace.

Protection against dust and scratches

Each protector is separately wrapped with protective film. It is very easy and satisfying to peel, and this special coating protects from scratching during shipment, display, or storage. So you can display your Pop collection in a brand new protector. The rear of the protector locks to the top of the protector by using a simple D-Lock tab, hence protecting your figures from dust.

High-quality build

EachFunko Pop protector with blood stain has an amazing build quality as only high-quality plastic is used. It enables our users to stack their Funko Pops without concerning themselves about crushing the box. 0.40mm extra thick walls ensure that your Funko Pop, action figures, and other valuable maintain their shape.

Display in style.

These Funko Pop protectors are see-through with crystal clear visibility. You can show your Funko Pop figures in all of their true glory and even enhance their look with ourunique Funko Pop protector.

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