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Funko Pop 4 Inch Protector Glow in the Dark 0.40MM

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Every avid collector wants to keep their treasured collection safe and stylish in the glow-in-the-dark protector. This Funko pop glow in the dark protector is made from high-quality PET plastic, which comes with crystal clear visibility that makes your pops fun and alluring. Its D-lock top and auto-locking bottom helps prevent your figurines from sliding out and keep them secure. Glow in the dark protector is a high-quality protector that enables you to stack your pops without crushing the box as it comes with extra thick 0.40mm walls that give great stack-able protection and maintain its shape. So you will use it to enhance the beauty of your Funko pops or show all of their true glory.


Glows in the dark:

This funko pop glow in the dark protector let you make your pops stand out as it glows in the dark. Now display your pop has become more fun and enchanting thing. 

Keep your pop clean:

The glow in the dark protector is individually wrapped in an easily removable protective film to avoid any unwanted pre-assembly scratches before you display your pop. 

There is a D-lock at the protector’s top that locks its rear to the top to prevent dust. No other pop protector is offering this amazing feature.

Extra protection:

Funko pop glow in the dark protector is typically designed to keep your Funko pops safe as it comes with a stable base and automatic bottom lock that protect your pops against knocks and falls.

Extra thick 0.40mm:

Generally, pop protectors come with o.35mm thickness. But this premium quality protector features an extra thickness of 0.40mm. Its sturdy construction protects the sides and corners of your presentation box. Moreover, it withstands knocks, falls, and tumbles. Prevent your pop box from wear and tear and keep it in mint condition.


Get this Funko Pop Glow in the dark protractor and display yourfigurinesin style! 


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