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Funko Pop 4 Inch Protector Silver Pack of 1 0.40MM

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Funko pop silver protector is a clear protective case that allows you to keep your pops safe. It is made from acid-free hard plastic that provides great resistance to scratching. This pop protector keeps your POP safe from dust and knocks. This silver border protector is wrapped with easy to peel protective film to avoid scratches during travel. The protector's rear can be locked from the top with the D-lock tab to prevent dust from entering your POP. Display your Funko Pop toys without worrying about everyday wear and tear and even water damage. This pop protector case is kid-proof that will keep their little hands off your figurines. Whether you want to display your Funko Pop or protect your rare valuable, it is the best choice for you.


Thick, sturdy material: 

Funko’s premium pop silver protector is made from acid-free archival quality plastic with 0.40mm thickness to withstand scratches and dents. It helps maintain your pop toys in mint condition.

Protective film:

The funko pop protector with silver line has a protective film that helps prevent any scuffs while on storage or display. 

Keep your pop collection safe: 

Whether you enjoy collecting Funko pop or star wars toys, its thick walls will help you keep them safe from scratches and maintain their pristine condition. 

Great for display: 

Funko pop silver protector is transparent that allows you to display your toys with crystal clear visibility. 


So whether you put your keepsake boxes on display or store them, there will not be a scuff insight. Get this Funko pop 4-inch protector silver pack as a gift for your hobbyist friend, or add it to your own collection today!


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