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Geeky Shelf Decor for Your Gaming Room

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Do you have a game room that you would like to decorate? We might have something cool yet geeky for you!

Ask any video gamer and they would tell you they love decorating the gaming room. The decorative pieces in the room can transform the play experience and make the gameplay fun and entertaining. If you are one of those game enthusiasts who would like to take the opportunity of showcasing their love for popular movies, TV shows, or even games they like? Then you need a custom shelf for yourgaming room decoration!

Display Your Collection on This Shelf 

The large shelf by Evoletsgame is a unique vintage large that lets you display your collectibles. Its design has been inspired by retro games. You can use it for showcasing anything you like. Call itthe shelf for your gaming room or your basement. Display your figurine collection, books, Funko pop, and other items that you would like to display.

When it comes to dimensions, thisgeeky shelf measures 19.75 x 4.5 x 7 inches. It is large and spacious enough for you to accommodate your precious collection. If you are a fan of retro games, the vintage design is going to give you retro game vibes all day long. 

Quality Construction and Design 

The shelf is made from high-grade materials and features a fine construction so don’t worry, displaying your collection is going to be safe. It can also withstand the weight of books so feel free to use it for showcasing any kind of collection. The vintage design will make you fall in love with it.

Now is the time to upgrade the decor of your gaming room and get thisgeeky shelf to let the world see your collection. It’s also perfect for those who would like to keep their game room minimalistic.  


Product link: Decorative Large Shelf