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House of Protectors

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If you are an avid figurine collector or you have a complete collection of retro video games, you definitely wouldn’t want to display them out in the open. Of course, you would love to show off your collection but you can’t even imagine them being damaged by the weather and any other kind of accidental damage.

There is a solution. Why not protect your valuable collection by storing them in plastic protectors!Evoretro a house of protectors brings you protectors in every size and shape to keep your action figure in pristine condition. We also deal invideo game protectors, acrylic protectors, card protectors, and console protectors.

Why Buy From Us?

Wondering what makes our protectors special? Here are some benefits that deserve your attention:

  • Ultimate protection

A pop protector will help keep them in mint condition and protect them from the outdoors. Our 100-pack of protection for Funko Pop 4" figures will keep your collection safe.

  • Perfect For Display

These Pop collecting cases are translucent, allowing you to see your Funko Pop figures clearly. Show off your fandom pride and wow your pals.

  • Protective Film

While on display or in storage, each Pop protection box has a special coating that helps prevent scuffs and scratches!

  • Quick Assembly

Each case has an auto-locking system at the bottom to keep your Funko Pop figurine, action figures, bobbleheads or other collectibles safe. Simply square up the hard case by unfolding it. after this, place yourfigurine and close the bottom by inserting the tabs into the slots.

  • Made From High-Quality Material

High-quality and sturdy plastic material is used to manufacture these premium Pop collector cases. To keep your Funko Pop collection safe and secure, we have chosen 35 mm thick plastic that resists dents and scratches.

Select from wide range of our protectors from Funko, display your collection and keep them safe so that you can cherish them for a long time. 


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