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How to Keep Your Funko and Action Figures in Mint Condition

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Collectibles like Funko and Action Figures are more than just ordinary toys—they are more like a treasure for every collector, and it’s really a must to keep them in good condition.

The majority buy and keep these kinds of collectibles with them because they are either fans of particular franchises or are massive fans of the toy line. Some even buy them regardless of the price tag because they are fully aware that they’d be rare to get sooner or later. As the collection grows, it’s always a must to keep them in their mint condition—no damages, no discoloration, and definitely no dust.

Keeping your Funko and Action Figures clean and in great condition is a challenge for every collector. That is why we list these handy tips to keep them away from the harmful elements.

Have a Separate Shelf for Your Collection

Collections that you have bought and earned should be shown to the world and not be hidden. It would be best if you had a separate shelf for them. Please don’t mix them up with your books or other stuff you have. It’s important to take note that having lots of things placed on your cabinet can gather dust over time, and you wouldn’t want to have these stick to your precious collection.

Do Not Expose Them To Direct Sunlight

We have heard too many horror stories of Funko and Action Figures getting discolored or their boxes disfigured due to too much sunlight exposure. As much as possible, you must make sure that your display shelf isn’t near a window when the light directly goes through. It is also recommended that you place your collections in a cool, dry place. A small corner of your bedroom or in your office is okay. As long as it is not facing or beside a window, then you’re good.

Constant Checking and Cleaning

Since these are some things that are very precious to you, it is your responsibility as a collector to check and clean your collection regularly. Do not wait for more than a year to do this. Do the check at least every month if you have to. It can be a bit time consuming, but you must understand that these are some of the best ways to keep your collection in great condition.

Do Not Place Them on Your Basement or Attic

If you have a storage room, a basement, or attic, as much as possible, you shouldn’t let your Funko and Action Figures be placed there. Due to constant weather and temperature changes, your collection might collect not only dust but also mold—or worse, termites and other parasites. Do not place them in a room or area of your house that you rarely go to. This is your collection, be proud of it, and show it to the world!

Place Them Each in an Individual Box or Case Protector

Besides placing them in a display case, having each of your collectibles placed in an individual box or case protector provides extra protection from outside elements. We have a great number of Funko case protectors and Action Figure Protectors to keep your precious items safe and clean.

We hope this guide helps you a lot. If you’re looking for protectors for your beloved toy collection, Evoretro has got you covered. Have fun collecting!