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Every Nintendo user wants to enjoy the best possible game experience. Fortunately, we have game accessories for that, and the Nintendo Switch controller clip mount is one of them. It allows you to play your game in the most comfortable position. 

Why Buy a Controller Clip?

A controller clip lets you mount your switch as well as switch lite devices. Place your device straight into the console over the controller. The installation takes a snap. 

The main purpose of buying the controller clip mount is to reduce the strain on your wrist. If you are the type of person who plays games for hours and hours, after you are done for the day, you might have experienced some strain on your wrist.  This clip mount is here to solve this problem.

Not only this, the mounting clamp is super flexible. You can adjust it to any angle you like to ensure it matches your comfort level.

How to use the Nintendo Switch Controller Clip Mount?

Now let’s understand how to use this piece of accessory. It is extremely simple. Follow these steps:

  • Take out the Nintendo switch controller clip mount from its original packing.
  • Adjust the clip mount to your preferred viewing angle
  • Place your Nintendo onto the controller
  • The clips will hold the console securely

You can now start playing the game. If you aren’t satisfied with the viewing angle, simply adjust it again. Thanks to the rubber hook cushions, the clip mount will protect your console from getting scratched or slide while you are playing. 

Keep enjoying the game even if it involves intense shakes. The best thing about the Nintendo Switch controller clip mount is that it is highly portable. All you have to do is carry the accessories in your bag so that whenever you find the time, you can start playing with extreme comfort.


Product link: Nintendo Switch Controller Clip Mount