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Nintendo Switch Cases for the Everyday Gamer

  • 3 min read

With many games still releasing for the Nintendo Switch this year, it’s definite that you will be bringing your beloved console with you while you are on the go. Now, what happens if you suddenly dropped it or spilled a drink on it? Remember that once something critical as these happens, you can never turn back time to prevent these.

The solution? Get a Nintendo Switch case. Something that can withstand anything that might possibly happen while you bring it along with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or in a coffee shop. You just have to keep your precious Switch safe.

We are giving some of our top picks (proven and tested by most Switch gamers!) on the best Nintendo Switch cases to get on your budget.


For those who own a Nintendo Switch Lite, our Nintendo Switch Lite Tempered Glass 2 Pack is a great deal.

Protect your most prized device from scratches, dirt, dust, moisture, sunlight, and more. This one has advanced tempered glass protection made with advance tempered glass with surface hardness up to 9H. Due to how hard of a material it is, this one can’t easily break than the common ones out on the market. We also love that it is easy to install and it is well coated with oleophobic to reduce your fingerprints sticking to your device!


For the Nintendo Switch, the screen is one of the most important features and should be protected at all costs. We are happy to let you know that the Nintendo Switch PDP Official Screen Kit Protection is one great item to have to keep your screen protected and safe from impact and other elements.

The first major thing we like is that this is an official Nintendo-licensed product, which means that this is carefully made out of quality materials to make sure your Switch remains in good condition. At the same time, you complete quests or having a game session with friends.


This has everything you need for your Nintendo Switch Lite. All the accessories and safety items you need to continue gaming while on the go. Put your gaming skill to the next level with the Nintendo Switch Lite Starter Kit! Bring your console anywhere and feel confident that your beloved device stays in good condition no matter where you’re going.

The lite starter kit comes with Black Carrying Bag, Stylus Pen, Stylish Folding Play stand, Switch Lite Screen Protector, Yellowing-Resistant TPU Protect Case, Thumbs Grip, and a USB-C Connector. Everything you need for the awesome gamer like you!


We cannot stress this enough—the Nintendo Switch Travel Case – Heavy Duty (Black) is a must have for the everyday Nintendo Switch gamer.

This heavy-duty bag is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch and can fit all your important accessories neatly. What makes them stand out is that it has an excellent guard for your Switch, as well as the game cartridges to keep them away from dust, liquid, and sunlight exposure.


Looking for a good TPU Case and screen protector, the Nintendo Switch Crystal TPU Case & 2 Screen Protector is one of our top picks. You not only have a case and screen protectors to keep the Switch screen protected, you also get a case to protect the controllers as well—making sure that nothing terrible happens to your beloved game device. It’s also very comfortable, so you can still play your favorite games while the protective case is on without limiting your grip and screen view.

So there you have it, guys! If you’re still on the lookout for the best stuff for your Switch or Switch Lite, EvoRetro has everything you need and more. Have fun, and let’s game!