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The Mystery Box: Cool Surprise Inside

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As the name implies, a mystery box is a mystery. You can only find out what’s inside by opening it.Looking for mystery gift boxes? Then you have come to the right place. For a person who is into games, theEvoretro mystery box would be a perfect surprise. Wondering what’s inside the box? Well, that is supposed to be a surprise, but let’s give you an overview of what you can expect.

The box includes:

The Mystery Box 

Of course, the box itself. It is going to be a random retro-themed box, in which all other gifts come. You can use this box for storage whatever you like.

2x Mystery Stickers Bundle

You will get random stickers – the one of that you can stick to your laptop, car, or game accessories. It’s going to be a set of 2, 10 stickers each.

2x Mystery Socks

When you were a kid, getting socks as a gift was weird but as you enter adulthood, getting socks as a gift is one of the most joyous things. TheEvoretro mystery box is going to surprise you with two pairs of random socks from their collection.

Mystery Pin

A pin that you can wear anywhere you want! 


This is going to be a heart-shaped keychain. Who knows what message it comes with? You will have to open the mystery box to find that out.

Pokémon Card

This is going to make you scream with joy especially if you are a die-hard Pokémon fan. The box also includes 5 random Pokémon cards. They are going to be original. 

Mystery box gifts like these are perfect for special occasions for birthdays. When you can’t figure out what to buy for your loved one, a mystery box is a perfect idea especially if they a game lover.


Product link: Mystery Box Bundle