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Top Christmas Bundles for Your Gamer Loved Ones

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Christmas is coming and you know what the means. It's that time of the year where we go all out to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. For those who have friends and family members who just love video games, you know that they deserve to have the best presents this year.

To help you with this (and for you to get some of the best deals,) here are some of the best Christmas Bundles that you can get for you gamer loved ones. We have carefully compiled all these items based on the fellow console, PC, and retro gamers' recommendations.


The Sony PlayStation is one of the world's most beloved consoles. With the hype of the latest line (the PlayStation 5), it's ideal that we have a PS Fans Bundle for those who love it and to remind them of their awesome childhood. The bundle has the following items: A PS1 Keychain, 6 PlayStation or Game-themed socks, EvoRetro Stickers, and a grey EvoRetro Hoodie to matches the color of the Classic PS1.


Although the PlayStation 5 is trending right now, there is still so much love to give for the PlayStation 4. Our PS4 Lover Bundle is a great gift for those who don't want to let go of this awesome console. You get the following: an EvoRetro PS4 Controller Skin, EvoRetro Stickers, 6 PlayStation or game-themed socks, a cool grey-colored EvoRetro hoodie, and thumbs for your PS4 controller.


If you're looking for a unique kind of bundle, our Mystery Box Bundle is a great choice. As its name says, it is filled with cool random stuff carefully picked by us. Getting this bundle would get you the following: a mystery box, 2 mystery stickers, 2 game-themed mystery socks, 1 mystery pin, a heart-shaped keychain, and a surprise 5-pack of Pokémon Cards. Get all the mystery stuff in such a great affordable deal!


This bundle is perfect for those who can't get enough of the famous Mario Kart game franchise! Our Steering Wheel Bundle has all the basics of what the fan needs: a Steering Wheel (which compatible to play with Mario Kart), a Nintendo Mario Kart Cap, and EvoRetro stickers.


Our Switch Bundle is packed with goodies that are sure to put Nintendo Switch gamers a smile on their faces this holiday season. Getting the Switch Bundle would get you the following stuff: A Nintendo Switch Ultimate Accessories Bundle, EvoRetro stickers, one game-themed sock, and a heart-shaped keychain.


The force is definitely strong in this one with our incredible Star Wars Bundle. Perfect for the fans of the franchise! Getting this awesome bundle would give you the following: 10 blister clamshell to protect your precious collectibles, 5 Star Wars display cases for toy collections big and small, a Star Wars Magic Jacquard Black and White Knit Beanie, EvoRetro stickers, and a Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Helmet.


For the classic NES's long-time fans, we also got this cool NES Mystery Box and would bring in the nostalgia this holiday season. Getting this retro bundle would get you the following items: A NES Treasure Box, EvoRetro Stickers, an NES Keychain, an NES Winter Hat, and 2 Retro-themed socks!


The Nintendo GameCube is a well-loved console. What better way to give tribute to this classic console by bundling up the following items in our GameCube Mystery Box: a GameCube controller bundle, stickers, one game-themed sock, a heart-shaped keychain, and a Nintendo Gameboy front pocket wallet!


Make the perfect girl smile this coming holiday season with our Switch Lite Gamer Girl Bundle. This bundle would give her all the needed Switch Lite essentials and more: A Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle, a Pink Controller, Superman earrings, a DC Comics Wonder Woman cuff bracelet, EvoRetro Stickers, and one heart-shaped keychain!


Pump up the Christmas theme when you give your Switch gamer friend with the Switch Red Bundle! Getting this would get you the following swag: a Mario Odyssey Cosplay hat, a red controller, an 8 in 1 Red Nintendo Switch bundle, and EvoRetro Stickers!


Our Quebec Video Game Bundle has everything you want to try out from RPG, simulation, action, VR, and more for the people who love independent games. Getting this bundle would get you controllers, mugs, stickers, and a Quebec Video Games game box filled with more than 20 awesome games developed by Quebec-based game companies!


Pixel art is still very much a thing! With our Pixoo Bundle, you get to express your love for pixel art and recreate things in the style. This is a perfect gift for both pixel and retro gamers as you can get EvoRetro Perler Beads, a Pixoo, and a heart-shaped keychain!


Show the pixel art love in style with our cool Timebox Bundle, an excellent gift for your retro and pixel-art loving people in your life. Getting this neat bundle would get you the EvoRetro Perler Beads, a Timebox, and a heart-shaped keychain!


Here are our top Christmas Bundle picks! For the best Holiday gifts for gamers, EvoRetro has everything you need and more. Have fun, and let's game!