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Sports Card Protector Top Loader 130 PT Pack of 10

SUPERIOR SOFT AND DURABLE The corners of the Sports Card Protector 130 PT Top Loaders fully protect the card corners, also provides UV protection to prevent the card and autograph from fading. Fits perfectly in your small pocket, briefcase, handbag, it will not add extra burden when you carry it. They're made from durable, transparent material, so you can clearly see the front and back of the cards. They're specially designed to cover and protect standard-sized cards and each one holds a single card. Superior soft material ensures that it is sturdy, waterproof, and durable and prevents your card from damaging, scratching, and fading.

SUPER-STRONG ENCLOSURE Provides a super-strong enclosure, which allows the card to stay closed while it's still easy enough to open and put a trading card in it. Enough to meet your needs for storing any type of card. It is also very suitable for sale or giveaway as ancillary supplies for card handling centers. Use them to protect, store, display your collectible trading cards like baseball cards, cartoon cards, basketball cards. It is easy to carry all the cards altogether when you go out on outdoor travel.

RIGID FROSTED WALL Small, exquisite, and strong internal structure design, having a large capacity for easy storage, very soft and nice to touch, in addition to providing the best durability. The rigid frosted wall of the Regular Top Loaders is durable and scratch proof, also prevents the card from bending or cracking. Easily accommodate different types of cards and would not stack the cards together and not crack easily.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchase is for Sports Card Protector display cases ONLY. The Cards are not included. The card seen in the photo is for demonstration purposes only!


  • Ultra-clear and durable construction.
  • Offering the maximum protection for your cards.
  • With double protection, your card is not easily damaged by scratches.
  • Rigid plastic encloses the card and keeps it clean while preventing damage.
  • Uniquely designed to keep the cards in place and protects them without falling.