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GAMING Steering Wheel with Pedals GT-XP2 V.2

  • Designed for the latest racing games on PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC, this plug-and-play gaming steering wheel gives you the competitive edge in your driving and drifting battles compared to controller users. Experience comfortable gaming with its slip-resistant foot pedals, suction cups for extra grip, 180-degree linear steering, and vibration feedback that would surely take your racing game to the next level!

Nintendo Switch Steering Wheels - Pack of 2

  • This patented steering wheel is exclusively made for hardcore racers and most dedicated Nintendo fans out there to dominate their racing game. Engineered for an immersive driving experience, this Nintendo Switch steering wheel provides superior comfort, durability and functionality adrenaline-fueled and full-blown gaming moments with your gaming partner.

Nintendo Switch Steering Wheels - Pack of 2


  • Crafted for the Very Best: Our patented Steering Wheels guarantees every moment and elevates your experience with friends! Made exclusively for the most dedicated and hardcore racers out there, dominate the field while doing it with style!
  • Durable and Reliable: Made from exceptional Polystyrene; our Steering Wheels not only boasts its power by Durability but also functionality! We made sure we spared no expense on all our switch accessoires, to bring you the quality WINNERS that you deserve!
  • Easy, Comfortable, Precise Industrial grade-tested, comfort-guaranteed, and simple. Compatible with Nintendo’s variant of steering wheels and other switch accessories, we promise you, you WILL NOT know the difference. Offering you THE BEST immersive experience for those dedicated Nintendo fans out there.
  • Innovative and Imaginative: Bring out the kid inside of you! Relive the times of excitement, immersing yourself in the glory of your splendor! With our Steering Wheels, we guarantee you, your matches with your friends will be adrenaline-fueled and full-blown competitive in the conquest for bragging rights and who really knows how to drift properly!
  • Recognize Excellence: Don’t take it from us, we’ve already said what you’re getting at face value and more! Start your games properly with THE RIGHT AND ONLY gear you need! Providing you superior comfort, experience, and fun. It’s just that simple. After all, four times the Steering Wheels; FOUR TIMES THE FUN!

Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel - Pack of 4

  • Drive fearlessly together with your fellow video game racers with this 4-pack steering wheel and rev up those extended gaming sessions you want to enjoy without any inconvenience. Comes with black, red and blue colors, each steering wheel also features an innovative design that provides superb comfort for a more fun driving experience all the time. 

Every racing game becomes more exciting and memorable when shared with family and friends. Feel the realism of authentic driving experience incredibly close to real-world conditions with our collection of gaming steering wheels, perfect for gamers of all levels on all types of racing circuits.