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Nintendo Switch Llite Little Kit Case With Pen and Thumstick Bundle


Get the perfect casing for your Nintendo Switch lite little KIT in a fun color that stands out. The only Nintendo Switch lite little KIT case that comes with a pen and thumbstick, this bundle will boosts your gaming spirit and performance.

While bulky cases take up space and restrict the freedom of your fingers, this one does not! It's ultra-thin, shock absorbent, lightweight and soft to feel. Enhancing your grip on the Nintendo switch lite, this case gives you better control and accessibility. With superior shock absorption, it also protects your console from damage due to drops.

Keep your device looking new for a long time without scratches and fingerprint marks with this high-end TPU case that protects the screen as well as buttons.

Also featuring a thumbstick and a black Ink ballpoint pen that is 100% compatible with other touch-sensitive devices like your phone or tablet, this is undoubtedly the best deal on the market, giving you true value for your money!


  • Durable and Reliable TPU Material for Maximum Protection
  • Scratch and Dust Resistance for Better Longevity
  • Esthetic Turquoise, Transparent, Pink, and Yellow Color Variations
  • Pen Compatible with Other Touch Screen Laptops, and Smart Devices