Owljoy Extension Cable for SNES Mini Wii & Wii U Controller | EvoRetro Lets Game



Never be tethered to your console! For its extremely low price, this set of 2 extension cords from Owljoy works like a charm as it adapts perfectly to the system and controller with no entry delay with this 1.8m long extension cord. The Owljoy Universal Extension Cableare is very convenient and allows you to play comfortably and allow you to place the console anywhere you want, the perfect solution for all NES game users. You can now play from the sofa while having the console in the living room under the TV.


  • Two 1.8m Cable Length Units: This set of 2 Nintendo Classic Edition controller extension cable is 1.8m long, making it the perfect choice to replace the original NES Classic Edition extension cable.
  • Durable Cable: These sturdy and flexible extension cables for NES games cannot be easily damaged.
  • Excellent Length: This cable is quite long and quite loose. No hum in the cables, no bad picture, everything looks and looks good.
  • Compatible: Compatible with NES Classic Edition, Nintendo Mini Edition, Wii and Wii U, SNES RetroDuo, other 16-bit third party consoles for you to enjoy unlimited gameplay.