The SONY PLAYSTATION UNIVERSAL AV CABLE 6 FT Delivers super high-resolution graphics to your standard definition TV. Providing optimal audio and video signal transfer, these superior quality cables enhance video realism with extremely crisp stereo sound. Connect with quality and let it show you a new unforgettable experience every time you turn on your television!

This AV Cable provides composite video & audio output for viewing on a TV / Monitor. Ultra-thick and flexible jacket with color-coded connectors to simplify installation. It is also a reusable high-quality cable cord for multiple uses.


  • IDEA DESIGN: This AV cable is 6 feet in length with standard AV composite lead, yellow, red, and white connectors on one end, and input for Playstation on the other.

  • SUPREME PERFORMANCE: Contrary to most AV cables that weaken the sensitivity and response time of your game, these ones are high-speed extension cables featuring lightning-fast transmission and lag-free performance so that you take your gaming to the next level!

  • HIGH-END MATERIALS: Designed and manufactured with meticulous attention to the slightest detail, our AV cables are made from high-quality, professional-grade shield and inner materials. Rest assured that these cables will not break or wear down even after a long time of use!

  • MULTIPLE USE: Connect your Play Station console with TV or monitors via the AV in the socket, provides composite video and audio output for viewing on a TV.