USB 3.0 EXTENSION PACK OF 2 5FT - EvoRetro Lets Game



USB ports on your computer, external hard drive, gaming system, TV, and other devices can be tough to reach, but this USB 2.0 extension cable eases the task by making up for the lack in cable length.


  • LONG DISTANCE CONNECTION: Tired of bumping your head against the desk as you constantly have to crawl underneath to connect USB ports with devices? This extension cable extends a USB 3.0 cable by up to 1.5m, so you get a secure connection at greater distances.

  • EXCELLENT THROUGHPUT: The USB 3.0 male to female cable utilizes less power but delivers a power output of up to 5 Gbps!

  • SUPER FAST: The USB 3.0 extension cable offers a data transfer rate that is almost 10 times faster as compared to the capability of USB 2.0.

  • SHIELDING: Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) construction for minimizing noise from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals, thus ensuring clear signal with less loss of bandwidth.

  • LONG-LASTING: Connectors provide optimal signal clarity while enhancing durability and preventing corrosive buildups.