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Carded Action Figurine Star Wars Collectibles Blister Display Case


Your carded action figures never looked so new or felt so safe! These high-quality PET plastic blister protective cases for your Star Wars, Hasbro, Kenner, GI Joe, and other action figurines protect them and make organization easy and convenient.

This is the collector's best deal. If you're a collector, this pack of scratch-resistant plastic blister protector and display cases is unrivaled in value! Featuring high tensile strength for protection from mechanical damage and strong UV resistance for color preservation, these protectors maintain the integrity of your action figures for decades to come.

Sized 6" x 9" x 2 1/4", these weatherproof display cases are specifically designed to perfectly fit all your carded action figures. Easy to use and convenient, it's no hassle to protect your valued heroes! Protect your collection today!


• Durable PET Plastic Material for Maximum Protection

• UV Protection Against Damage

• Perfect for Long-Term Storage

• Easy to Assemble and Use

• Transparent for Easy Visualization