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Everything has its own slot! What 80s / 90s self-respecting geek wouldn't have a sweet case to carry their console everywhere they go? If you're lucky enough to get your hands on an NES Classic, you absolutely need Mario Retro NES Classic Mini Case for Nintendo NES Classic Edition 2016 Console and Controller Cable as an accessory.

This mini NES case fits the console, power adapter, and two controllers inside contoured foam and there's room for additional items like the USB cable, HDMI cable, and controller extension cables tucked away nicely in a Velcro-enclosed pouch, ready for the next gaming marathon. Everything fits in there pretty great, and there is plenty of protection! It isn't huge and bulky but it's got enough extra padding inside to protect your NES Classic. It's well-built, foam cutouts inside, and holds everything you need to walk off with your NES Classic Edition 2016 consoles and accessories.

This console storage bag is the nicest storage solution for the NES Classic. All system components have a purpose-built space, which makes setting up and returning the NES to storage a simple exercise. The NES system case is perfect if you want to keep everything together, portable, and dust-free. As of now, the Classic Mini is hard to get your hands so once you do, you will want to protect it.


  • ENOUGH ROOM FOR ALL NES ACCESSORIES: There is enough room for everything and they all fit snug in this NES classic console system bag. You will no longer be afraid to take your NES mini classic case everywhere you go. Keeps your NES classic edition, controllers, and accessories cable organized
  • SOLID NES MINI CASE: The mini NES system case is well constructed, and the materials are durable and of high-quality. Made from high-quality carbon fiber which is durable, waterproof, and shockproof that provides long-term service life.
  • RELIABLE ZIPPER: Mario Retro's classic NES case is equipped with a zipper and dual zipper pulls. The zipper moves smoothly back and forth and will never get stuck.
  • NICE AND COMPACT FOAM / PADDING: Nice foam/padding on the inside offers extra protection. It has great pre-cut out storage spots for the console, control, and cables. Fits well and will keep your new system in tip-top shape.