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Star Wars & GI-Joe 3.7 Carded Action Figurines Clear Acrylic Display Case

EVORETRO offers the finest quality acrylic display cases on the market today. This high quality acrylic display case is designed to fit vintage and modern Star Wars action figures on their original cardback packaging Stars Wars & GI-Joe 3.7.
This case will also fit GI Joe, Indiana Jones, Blackhole and Funko Reaction figures and many more.

Objects can deteriorate or become yellow in contact with air, dust, and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. Moisture and temperature fluctuations can also damage them. Our acrylic protectors block UV rays and protect your valuables from damage.

Made with the highest quality acid-free plastic, it's non-toxic, scratch-resistant, and vividly transparent. It provides the perfect conditions for displaying your action figures safely with tremendous tensile strength for protection from mechanical damage and high UV resistance for color preservation. Quick and easy to assemble, store or display your action figures in a befitting and well-organized fashion. For all your Vintage Hasbro, Kenner, Super 7, and other small action figurines, this loose blister protector fits perfectly. Convenient, efficient, and highly functional, preserve your collections for generations to come!

Note: The toy pictured is for illustration purposes only and is not included with the case.


  • Finest quality acrylic display case
  • Long-term protection for your most beautiful collectibles
  • High-End Crystal Clear Acrylic
  • Prevents card damage and preserves the figures value
  • New acrylic display case come with UV rays protection
  • Material: Pure Durable Acrylic
  • Acrylic material thickness: 3 / 4/5mm
  • Dimensions: 26x18.1x6cm