Funko Pop Ride 2 PET Protector 0.40MM - EvoRetro Lets Game


Funko Pop Ride 2 PET Protector 0.40MM

Some heroes look better with their rides, it’s what makes them complete. So, for your Funko Pop Ride 2 PET protection, we got you covered. Our protectors are perfectly made for Pop Rides to give that snug and secure fit each and every time. We make sure your collection is protected from the elements, physical damages, fingerprints, and grime. These thick PET plastic are made to last the test of time together with your precious figurines. So look no further, you got the best protection with EVORETRO.

Join thousands of other customers who have tried, tested, and loved our Protector. Known for their flat tops laying flush with the box this allows for incredibly easy hassle-free stacking. Reinforced edges provide increased durability and peace of mind when handling, moving, displaying, or rearranging your Funko Pop collection. With the assembly in seconds, our Funko Pop Ride 2 PET Protector 0.40MMoffers superior protection and a sense of pride, knowing that you settle for nothing less than the best.

Please Note: Purchase is for Funko Pop Ride 2 PET Protectors display cases ONLY. The Funko POP seen in the photo is for demonstration purposes only!


  • Dimensions: 20.7 x 13.1 x 18.1cm
  • Thickness 0.40mm - specially formulated acid-free PET crystal clear plastic.
  • Transparent for Easy Organization
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Helps Repel Dust, Dirt and Moisture
  • Great present for collectors who loves preserving their collectibles