Some games let you tilt each Joy-Con on its side and hold it like a traditional controller. This accessory adds size to each Joy-Con and makes the shoulder buttons far easier to press. It’s one of the best Switch accessory purchases you’ll ever make.

Specially designed back-side-studded and textured surface improves grip and control effort and prevent from sliding. It’s designed with ergonomics, comfortable to hold. It has precise cutouts to all the buttons, triggers and thumb sticks accessible.


  • Kind of fit that you’ll love: The cover perfectly fits the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller, keeping all the buttons, triggers and thumb sticks accessible. It has Simple installation that fits perfectly with your controllers and surely you will love it.
  • Your controller’s protection is a must: Best quality silicone skin protects the controller against everyday dust and scratches and it provides a protective layer for your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to guard against low impact surface damage.
  • Unobtrusive material for an uninterrupted gaming experience: These covers are constructed from a smooth non-slip silicone material, which is durable and flexible, heavy duty and can be wiped clean for continuous use.
  • Best partner for your controller: These covers are the excellent choice for your controllers considering its trendy design. The most important thing for your Joy-Con controllers is that they feel as intuitive and easy to use as when you unboxed them.