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Nintendo Snes Power DC Jack Replacement Panel

Power is the main ingredient when it comes to having fun while gaming. Without it, we can never get our consoles running and we’ll have to settle to boredom, and eventually, we’ll get depressed. But thanks to this wonderful and brilliant replacement accessory, you can have the input panel repaired and get electricity back into your consoles!

Yes, you don’t need to throw away your original consoles just yet. Add some more life to it simply by soldering this panel into the back and let life flow through it once again once you plug it in. So get this panel now and let the fun continue!


  • Replaces the broken or non-functioning power jack found in the original US Super Nintendo console.
  • This part is made specifically and is only compatible with the original, first-generation US NTSC Super Nintendo system.
  • This will also work with the SNES AC Adapter.
  • This replacement panel can be used for the following: Nintendo SNES, Nintendo SNES SHVC-CPU-01, Nintendo SNES SNS-CPU-GPM, Nintendo SNES SNS-CPU-RGB, Nintendo SNES SNS-CPU-APU, Nintendo SNES SNS-CPU-1CHIP.