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Hot Wheels Blisters for Long Card Mainline 0.60MM


Protect your valuable Hot Wheels & Matchbox. It protects the wrap from suffering any tears as well as upholds the integrity of the box shape. Providing the most durable, thickest gauge plastic, solid one piece hinged die-cast protector design, with corner space that does not damage cards, all at value pricing.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newbie interested in collecting the unique Hot Wheels, these are the best protective display cases for you. Through constant user feedback, testing, and putting ourselves in collector's shoes (although we are collectors ourselves), we have designed the perfect products to protect your collection! We bring you the Hot Wheels Blisters for Long Card Mainline 0.60MM, which is the representation of our mission to innovate and protect your beloved collection.

Protectors that just work. Join thousands of other customers who have tried, tested, and loved our Protector. Known for their flat tops laying flush with the box this allows for incredibly easy hassle-free stacking. Reinforced edges provide increased durability and peace of mind when handling, moving, displaying, or rearranging your Fit basic Hot Wheels & Matchbox collection. With the assembly in seconds, our Hot Wheels Blisters for Long Card Mainline 0.60MM offers superior protection and a sense of pride, knowing that you settle for nothing less than the best.

Please Note: Purchase is for Hot Wheels Blisters for Long Card Mainline 0.60MM Protectors display cases ONLY. The Toy seen in the photo is for demonstration purposes only!


  • Dimensions: H16 x W10.75 x D4 cm
  • High Quality Protective Case
  • 100% Crisp transparent display
  • Protects from dust, dents, rips, and scratches.
  • BPA-Free and Eco-friendly
  • Crystal Clear
  • Optically clear for optimal presentation