A home for your vintage N64/SNES games, these protective cases keep them in mint condition for many more memorable gaming moments down the road.

The best N64/SNES game box cases, they are made from archive-grade acid-free PET plastic to protect your games from dust, moisture, and physical damage. Transparent and scratch-resistant, these protective cases are super convenient, reusable.

With 0.4mm thickness, you have a sturdy case that is highly durable and resistant yet allows you to read every detail on your game box. Saving your games from UV damage and regular wear and tear, these protective cases extend the longevity of your N64/SNES Game Boxes significantly. Designed to fit perfectly, these are the transparent protective skins your game boxes need!


  • Clear plastic protectors - 0.4 mm thick
  • Compatible for N64/SNES GAME BOX
  • Excellent guard for your collectibles against dust and liquid spillage
  • The clear plastic case provides a clear view of what's inside - can be organized the way you want!
  • Great present for collectors who loves preserving their gaming possessions in the long term.