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Is your current controller’s cable just too short, forcing you to stay close to your gaming console? Are your parents or siblings constantly tripping over the cables of your Super Nintendo console? Well, we come bearing good news!

Our extension cables come in a bundle of two so that you and your friends can play together or 1 vs 1 without sitting too close to the console and the monitor.

With 6 feet of length, you will finally be able to play all your games while sitting as far as you want from the console. In fact, if your room is extra spacious, you can connect more than one of these cable extensors in a row and increase the distance even further!


  • NO MORE SPACE RESTRAINTS: If you are constantly limited by the distance separating you from your game, then these extension cables are meant for you. With 6 feet of length, you will be able to play your favorite games with your friends virtually from anywhere in the room!

  • SUPREME PERFORMANCE: Contrary to most extension cables that weaken the sensitivity and response time of your controllers, these ones are high-speed extension cables featuring lightning-fast transmission and lag-free performance so that you take your gaming to the next level!

  • HIGH-END MATERIALS: Designed and manufactured with meticulous attention to the slightest detail, our controller extensions are made from the high-quality, professional-grade shield and inner materials. Rest assured that these cables will not break or wear down even after a long time of use!

  • PROTECT YOUR GAMING CONSOLE: How often do you, your friends, or your parents trip on the cables of your game? All the time, right? Well, these extension cables act as a safety breakaway to protect your gaming console from this phenomenon! Plus, you can use multiple cables to further extend your controller from the console; perfect for big houses and long rooms.