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Pokemon Original Booster Box Protectors

Your items may be worth more than you think. Protect them properly so that they do not degrade. This is a custom made box protectors for the Pokemon Original Booster Box. These do work with sealed boxes!
Keep your figures for the longest time possible while preventing dust, moisture, fingerprints, and accidental damage to your precious collection. Made with the best archive-grade acid-free PET plastic that is odor-free and transparent, show off your favorite vinyl figures with pride and confidence. Easily stackable, embrace the convenience and organization these cases offer. With a peel-off protective film to ensure they arrive in mint condition, these scratch-resistant cases feature a lock-in top lid and are super easy to assemble.

Note: Custom made box protectors for the original Pokemon Booster boxes. We have two other size for the new one that have been released. Check your box size if you are unsure what you need. 5 3/8 x 4 7/8 x 3 or roughly 13.6 x 12.4 x 7.6cm.

✅ High Quality Protective Case
✅ 100% Crisp transparent display
✅ Protects from dust, dents, rips, and scratches.
✅ BPA-Free and Eco-friendly
✅ Brand new plastic protector, with protective film
✅ 14mil PET Acid-Free plastic
✅ Removable Peel Film
✅ Crystal Clear
✅ Optically clear for optimal presentation
✅ Dimensions: 13.65 x 12.38 x 7.62cm