Easily stack and display your precious collection while keeping your Nintendo SNES Mario Paint in pristine condition protected from dust and fingerprints. We made our scratch-resistant box protectors clear so it's easier to read labels when they're organized neatly on a shelf.

Each one is individually wrapped with its own easy-peel protective film that keeps the SNES game box protector from being scratched before it gets to you. Our SNES protectors help ensure you can play them for life since it’s made with PET (0.35mm) plastic.

Ships flat and is very easy to assemble with a top lid that locks into place; each protector is individually wrapped to ensure a perfectly clear box that is safe from bends, creases, and scratches.

They’ll never again make cartridge games as they did with the original Nintendo SNES, which means the games that exist today are the last there will ever be. Our SNES game cases will help you sustain the value of these treasures forever.


  • Clear collection organization
  • Premium quality materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect fit