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Your Atari Console will no longer be something that needs to be guarded because this EVORETRO Case Protectors for Atari 2600/5200/7800 will do the job for you. These sets of 0.4mm thick plastic protectors are perfectly made for these gaming consoles - including the box - to maintain its vintage form without getting too much tear and scratches.

Protecting them from dust and unwanted dirt from touching the item will not just preserve their look but it will also maintain its authenticity as it won't let any particles reach the box that could cause degradation. Be unique by simply preserving the remnants of these games' glory days with EVORETRO Case Protectors.


  • Clear plastic protectors - 0.4 mm thick
  • Compatible for Atari 2600/5200/7800 Box
  • Excellent guard for your collectibles against dust and liquid spillage
  • Clear plastic case provides clear view of what's inside - can be organized the way you want!
  • Great present for collectors who loves preserving their gaming possessions in the long term.