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Be the game; don’t just play it! With these super-responsive Nunchuks and remote controllers, your gaming experience only gets better and better. Featuring advanced chipsets, the versatility in these designs’ suits either right or left-hand use for ease of control.

Long gaming hours should never compromise comfort and performance, and these controllers guarantee just that. With a strap for a secure hold on the remote controller and dedicated buttons for added accuracy on the Nunchuk controller, play longer and rack up more points!

Functioning as a pointer, motion sensor, speaker, and shock vibration, the remote controller gives you a superior gaming experience with a built-in motion sensor that enhances control while heightening your tactile senses. Achieve precision with every strike, aim, fire, or hit and top the leaderboards!

This Nunchuk and remote controller double combo promote free movement for each player during gameplay for the best multiplayer action possible. Experience excellent interactive gaming with this double Nintendo Wii controller package. Live the game.


  • 2 Sets of Remote Controllers and Nunchuks
  • Enhances Your Gaming Experience with Better Control and More Fun
  • High Precision and Accuracy
  • Super Functional and Easy to Use
  • Superior Build and Lightweight