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EVORETRO GT-XP2 V.2 GAMING STEERING WHEEL - Best for Nintendo Switch, PS3 and PS4 Racing Games

Hey, fans of Mario Kart and all the other driving simulator games out there! With this awesome Steering Wheel, you get everything you need to kickstart your driving career (in game, of course.) 


  • Cross-Platform Compatible - You can use this 5 in 1 gaming racing wheel with pedals for consoles such as the PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC. Have a better driving and drifting experience as you play with this gaming accessory. This is also designed for the latest racing games on the said platforms. Feel the competitive edge compared to controller users
  • Interactive Gaming Feature - This has a bionic design that features sweat absorption and provides a comfortable gaming experience. The foot pedal has a sole texture and enhanced friction that prevents slipping. This gaming accessory also has a vibrating motor that provides a real racing experience. This is also a plug-and-play gaming controller
  • Premium Craftmanship - Ergonomically designed to take your racing game to the next level, this steering wheel, and the pedals are made of high-quality material. This also has suction cups for extra grip, 180-degree linear steering, and vibration feedback. Everything has a realistic design that lets you steer your car like the real one