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Washable Nesting Pads for Poultry with Safe Egg Roll-Off (Brown)

Protect the eggs from breakage when hens lay them with these washable nesting pads! It is perfectly cushioned to provide chickens the comfort they need. Whether it is for a poultry farm or a backyard chicken coop, you can ensure nesting and hatching success. This coop bedding has a large open area that makes EZSimply box mats easy to clean. The washable nesting pad helps maintain a clean environment. It's better filtration feature allows dirt and manure to easily wash out. Cleaning and storing the poultry nest pads are hassle-free. It is made from high-grade plastic material with superior wear resistance that serves as a cozy sanctuary for hens to settle in for a long haul. Size: 11.8x12.75in (30.00 cm x 32.39 cm) Weight: 0.36 lbs. (0.16 kg) Colors: Available in gray or brown Constructed from High Grade Plastic Material Universal Compatibility Get yours now!

  • SMART DESIGN - Made with holes in the center of each cluster of blades and slotted openings between the clusters to create a more open area for nesting; the nest box liners for chicken provide better filtration and are moisture resistant.
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY- Our chicken nesting pads with wear resistance are made from high-grade virgin polyethylene to ensure longevity and quality; they are lightweight but can maintain long-term support.
  • REDUCES EGG BREAKAGE- Our nesting pads for chicken coop have rounded tops that ensure safe egg roll-off; they provide increased airflow that contributes to the comfort of the hens.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The nesting box pads have large open spaces for better dirt and manure filtration; the coop beddings are easy to wash and store, also help maintain a cleaner environment in your poultry area.
  • LONGEVITY AND RECYCLABILITY - These plastics were manufactured in the USA, a good direct substitute for wood, and lasts much longer.