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Yu-Gi-Oh! 24 Pack Booster Box Protectors

Protect your trading cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! 24 Pack Booster Box with our Premium Protective cases. This a high quality sleeve that fits 24 pack yugioh booster boxes snuggly. It protects the wrap from suffering any tears as well as upholds the integrity of the box shape. Suitable for protecting Yu-Gi-Oh! 24 Pack Booster Box for long term investments.
Keep your collection Mint and Forget about dust and fingerprints with this extra thick crystal clear soft plastic sleeve cover. Stack and display your rare or favorite game in their original packaging without worrying any box damage.

Note: The Trading card Game is not included. The game seen in the photo is for demonstration purposes only!

✅ High Quality Protective Case
✅ 100% Crisp transparent display
✅ Protects from dust, dents, rips, and scratches.
✅ BPA-Free and Eco-friendly
✅ Brand new plastic protector, with protective film
✅ 14mil PET Acid-Free Plastic
✅ Optically clear for optimal presentation
✅ Dimensions: 14.76 x 12.38 x 4.29cm